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Photo of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan at Memorial Hall, University of Massachusetts, in conversation with Chancellor David Scott. (T. Frare photo)


Sufism is the reconciliation of the irreconcilables.

There are no limits to your being, only those you ascribe to yourself.
There are no limits to your understanding, only those that are due to trying to understand with the mind.
There is no limit to your light, except the dark shadows of the ego cast upon the sky which we call the self.
Shake your soul! Awaken it from slumber! The time has come to awaken to your divine being.

When we give our creative being it's proper place in our lives, we have a sense of meaningfulness and purposefulness. The moment we touch upon this well spring of life, a change takes place in our personality. That is the moment of breakthrough.

The culmination of the soul’s journey of awakening is not just returning to its original state. Instead, it is how the soul has evolved through its passage on earth: what meaning has been extracted from its experiences; what archetypal qualities have unfolded as a result of the immense difficulties it has endured; and the unique way each soul’s unfoldment has contributed to the evolution of the Universe itself.

I have tried, in all my teachings, to bring forth a message of light. I sincerely hope that it will help you in some way. Especially if you are going through a dark night of the soul, remember that it is because you are not aware of your own light—and it is light that will show you the way. And while I hope that some of the skills and meditations that I have presented will be helpful to you, they are useful only as a ladder in attaining the essential objective—awakening consciousness and conscience in everyday life.

I must say, it has been such a joy to share with you the encounter of our thoughts sparking each other. The mission — the meaning of the Message of the future, all of it has been exciting and overwhelming, and I am very grateful for your sharing with me. There is a word — from the moment that one has broken bread at the same table, one is linked by a special link, and that's the reason for the Mass. The Mass is the sacrifice for eating at the same table together, and we have been sharing this wonderful bread and wine at the same table, and that establishes a link between us that can never be broken, so that we can always find each other. So, I will just say that you can find yourself — you can find me in your heart; and I can say, I can find you in my heart. God bless you. — Pir Vilayat lnayat Khan, Suresnes, 27 January, 2004




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