Noon Prayers



Most gracious Lord, Master, Messiah, and Saviour of humanity, 
We greet Thee with all humility.
Thou art the First Cause and the Last Effect, The Divine Light and the Spirit of Guidance, Alpha and Omega.
Thy Light is in all forms, Thy Love in all beings: in a loving mother, in a kind father, in an innocent child, in a helpful friend, in an inspiring teacher. 
Allow us to recognize Thee in all Thy holy names and forms; as Rama, as Krishna, as Shiva, as Buddha. 
Let us know Thee as Abraham, as Solomon, as Zarathushtra, as Moses, as Jesus, as Mohammed, and in many other names and forms, known and unknown to the world.
We adore Thy past; Thy presence deeply enlighteneth our being, and we look for Thy blessing in the future.
O Messenger, Christ, Nabi, the Rasul of God!
Thou Whose heart constantly reacheth upward,
Thou comest on earth with a message, as a dove from above when Dharma decayeth, 
and speakest the Word that is put into Thy mouth,
As the light filleth the crescent moon, may the star of the Divine Light shining in Thy heart be reflected in the hearts of Thy devotees.
May the Message of God reach far and wide, illuminating and making the whole humanity as one single Brotherhood in the Fatherhood of God.

Repeat 11 times “May the message of God reach far and wide”


A torch in the darkness, a staff during my weakness, 
A rock in the weariness of life, 
Thou, my Master, makest earth a paradise. 
Thy thought giveth me unearthly joy, 
Thy light illuminateth my life's path, 
Thy words inspire me with divine wisdom, 
I follow in thy footsteps, which lead me to the eternal goal 
Comforter of the broken-hearted, 
Support of those in need, 
Friend of the lovers of truth, 
Blessed Master, thou art the Prophet of God.


Prayer for the Universel

O Thou, Who art the Maker, Moulder, and Builder of the universe, build with Thine own hands the Universel, our Temple for Thy divine Message of Love, Harmony, and Beauty.




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