Quotes taken from the "Alchemical Wisdom" cards


If your heart is burning in the ecstasy of love, it will open the hearts of all beings.

Sufis see the whole universe as the divine nostalgia for self-discovery.

Perhaps the basic energy of the universe is not light, but ecstasy; light is ecstasy.

We might be the leading edge in bringing about the purpose of the universe.

We offer an obstacle to God's experiencing fulfillment if we do not fully experience our own identity.

Our thinking must be in harmony with the thinking of the universe to be valid.

In dealing with an ugly situation, one is creating circumstances to develop the divinity of one's being.

Have the courage to face the light of your own being.

If love of God is beyond your grasp, then know that it is there in every act of love.

How does one know if one's intuition rings true? By one's scruple about truthfulness, one develops a sense of authenticity.

Do not pay attention to clues when you want to go by your intuition.

Unless we awaken them, our capacities will always lie dormant.

It's a discipline of mind to see beauty in ugliness.

The same pain that can blemish our personality can act as a creative force, burnishing it into an object of delight.




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