Stalking The Light


This section has been taken from “Heart & Wings”, Summer, 1999


See yourself in the cosmos, not just on planet Earth, but thinking that you have landed on planet Earth, and you belong to other spheres. Think the whole universe, the consciousness of the universe, has converged as your consciousness, and focused itself, and shifted its consciousness in such a way that it is aware of the physical nature of a many-tiered universe of which this existential world is just a cross section. It had to focus itself in a certain way in order to be able to highlight that particular slice of the universe that we call the existential world.

See the whole process whereby the whole universe is involved in you, as you, and is going through that process. See how easily you lost your connection with the universe - which is the cosmic reality of your being - and really believed that you were a physical body. You are walking on planet Earth and have forgotten all about belonging to the starry sky, and belonging to the universe of mind, of reality, cosmic emotion.

Then see how you suffered not only a sense of limitation, but also defilement, by the fact that you limited yourself to your notion of yourself. A kind of selfishness was incurred, and the consequence was a feeling of wanting to possess, and wanting to have power, and resentment against other people - who have the same tendency. How easily we slip into a terrible kind of alienation from our real being, where there is hatred and cruelty and all the ugly things that are happening in the world today, grossness. Now feel a longing for your ideal, for that attunement, that reality you had lost sight of, and so a real longing to find freedom. You see how that goes counter to the way we involve ourselves in our way of thinking, in our emotions - not only in situations, but in our own being - and had lost our freedom of thinking, and our freedom to honor the ecstasy of the heavens. By giving priority to pure selfish motivations, we have lost our real self.

When you discover your real self, you find that it is free, and nothing can bind it. It will always shake off all the trammels that are limiting it, if it so wishes. When we discover our real self, that self will find its way out of the cocoon to take flight.

What we call the existential world is a cross section of a multi-tiered universe. See in terms of light. Light has become visible, tangible in some way, as it crystallizes itself in a manner that makes it knowable to our limited consciousness, or to the way that the universe as consciousness is limited as us.

The clue then to free yourself from this gelled universe - the cosmos in which the universe has gelled into forms - is to stalk light beyond its physical expression. The first thing is suddenly realizing that you are a being of light, and that light has crystallized and gelled. Even what we call matter is a crystallization of light, but that crystal is now able to absorb light and be transformed by light.

Now, we are reaching beyond the notion of our aura, and that gives us a memory of our being, prior to our birth and our conception, as a being of light. We find in it a relief from the tribulations of the Earth, from the gravity pull upon our consciousness that bespeaks limitation, relief from suffering and causing others to suffer, from being the victims of the actions of others, relief from the whole terrible drama, where we have lost our sense of the beauty of our being.

Now you rise, in worlds of light, or rather you recognize that you have never left those worlds of light, but that light had been covered under a bushel, now you are not aware of it anymore. It cart be revived.

You feel the freedom now. Matter itself is constraining. It is light that has been gelled and so it is confining, and there is a lot of conditioning that goes with it. Feel freedom from what Buddha calls the samsaric wheel - being caught in a vicious circle which is governed by the conditioning of our societies, the commonplace way that people think and live - that just repeats itself, over and over again, never getting anywhere.

When you break away from the samsaric wheel, at first you think that you are departing from the launching platform, until you realize that life on earth does have a significance, and a contribution to your unfoldment. Even the spacecraft is carrying something of the physical world with it in order to rise in outer space.

What we are carrying is now transfigured matter - perhaps your magnetism, your aura - but even your aura needs to be transfigured. We are passing through different levels of light, and what we call the aura is only one level. We reach beyond that level as we stalk light into less and less physical modes of light.

Now it is as though you have found yourself in outer space without having any sense of location, and you are able to contemplate what we call the starry sky. Now you are in the starry sky, and while in it you are still able to have a kind of overview and think, “Yes, my consciousness had let itself be pulled into the “worm’s eye” view, walking on the Earth. It was just my consciousness that had allowed itself to slip to the lowest denominator, but now for the moment I can see what limitation, and what suffering and to what degree defilement took place - and the alarm has been set to awaken! And so, I become instrumental in the transfiguration of the planet by transmuting my own body and aura into something more and more subtle, just like gossamer, in an atmosphere of freedom.

“As I rise, I see how deceptive was the notion of myself as a discrete entity, alienated from the totality, so instead of thinking that I am flying, floating about, hovering in outer-space, I am so much part of the light of the stars that I can’t see myself as the observer, because in fact, it is the whole universe now that is observing its body that we call the starry sky.

“Now, I’m beginning to perceive the reality that was masked by the devices in which it appeared, and I can see that reality manifesting in the cosmos, revealing itself, disclosing itself. As long as I think it is disclosing itself to me, then what is disclosed is very limited, but, if I discover that I am that reality, then there is no dichotomy between God and human creature. The dichotomy is just in the mind.

“I don’t know how to think anymore because my thinking was all based on the assumptions of ‘me’ and ‘other than me and ‘me’ as the observer, and all the limitations of human logic. It’s totally invalid at this level, totally incongruent.”

Now what I call reality is that the total being is not a being, it is the being, am there were clues to it of course, but those clues are not the being. Just like the en counter with the celestial self, I can’ believe I am that being. I remember Murshid saying that I am a condition o that being, but then there is still the sense of “I” remaining.

The last barrier is the persistence of the notion of “I,” however it’s transfigured. The tendency to simply get rid of it by merging is accompanied by the fear of losing all that has been gained by the experience of descending right down into the world of matter. The fear is overcome only if] see that it can never be lost; it’s a gift to the total being, and it was always a pan of the total being, then I become myself, that gift.

The traces of the greatness of that being were always there in the personality left on the planet. I’m so much part of that total being, which is suffering and is arousing, and is dying, and is resurrecting, and is being scattered, re-instated again, which is free, and yet voluntarily bound. God has crucified Him/Herself from the beginnings of time in order to free each fragment of Him/Herself, or to donate - the very supreme act - the gift of freedom to each fraction of Him/Herself with the consequence of suffering, and on the other hand a victory.

The drama of life is like being on the top of a mountain and watching the lightening and thunder underneath, the drama, where the celebration of the heavens is trying to come through that drama and which sometimes erupt when people glorify - a kind of reminder of the heavens. That is how a fiasco, a defeat, can aver itself to be a victory, by the overcoming of limitation, the uncovering of freedom that was always there, but was curtailed by our allowing ourselves to be caught in the vantage point of illusion. Occasionally one being or another begins to move in his/her sleep, and breaks the shell of limitation, and takes wing. The whole cosmos is gradually awakening through eons of time, at all levels.

The passion of our awakening, hearing the call of awakening, releasing the total being from the cross of limitation, and yet realizing that limitation can however not limit the One being - for freedom was always free - however much limited by earthly conditions, that is a great paradox.

We are voluntarily accepting limitation, conditioning, limiting conditions in order to free others, or disclose to others that they also are free, but didn’t realize it.

I can imagine light free from its physical expression, at different levels. Each level has more freedom from its physical expression. Ultimately, the light of intelligence is free from the limitation of consciousness. You can represent yourself as being ultimately the intelligence of the universe that had adjoined to itself an infrastructure in order to awaken in that cross section of the universe that is the physical world, and had lost sight of what it is. Now it erupts beyond the limitation imposed upon it by consciousness, and its power is so great that it can break everything around it that is untrue.

There is no stopping it. It will pummel you and break you and rebuild you and transform you and rejoice you and free you.

Intelligence can not be fragmented. Consciousness can.

You don’t have to try to annihilate your notion of yourself if you discover yourself to be the intelligence of the universe. Besides, we cannot, by our will, destroy our sense of being a discrete entity, because our will is personal. It is only the overwhelming Divine will, the will of the total being, that can shatter our illusions, with all its power, it’s overwhelming power, it’s victorious, power.




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