Morning Prayers



Praise be to Thee, Most Supreme God,
Omnipotent, Omnipresent, All-pervading, 
The Only Being. 
Take us in Thy Parental Arms,
Raise us from the denseness of the earth. 
Thy Beauty do we worship,
To Thee do we give willing surrender, 
Most Merciful and Compassionate God, 
The Idealized Lord of the whole humanity.
Thee only do we worship; and towards Thee alone we aspire. Open our hearts towards Thy Beauty, 
Illuminate our souls with Divine Light,
O Thou, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty! 
All-powerful Creator, Sustainer, Judge and Forgiver of our shortcomings, 
Lord God of the East and of the West, 
of the worlds above and below, 
And of the seen and unseen beings, 
Pour upon us Thy Love and Thy Light,
Give sustenance to our bodies, hearts and souls. 
Use us for the purpose that Thy Wisdom chooseth, 
And guide us on the path of Thine Own Goodness. 
Draw us closer to Thee every moment of our life,
Until in us be reflected Thy Grace, Thy Glory, Thy Wisdom, Thy Joy and Thy Peace.

Repeat 11 times “Pour upon us Thy Love and Thy Light”


Inspirer of my mind, consoler of my heart, healer of my spirit, 
Thy presence lifteth me from earth to heaven, 
Thy words flow as the sacred river, 
Thy thought riseth as a divine spring,
Thy tender feelings waken sympathy in my heart. 
Beloved Teacher, thy very being is forgiveness.
The clouds of doubt and fear are scattered by thy piercing glance; 
All ignorance vanishes in thy illuminating presence;
A new hope is born in my heart by breathing thy peaceful atmosphere.
O inspiring Guide through life's puzzling ways,
In thee I feel abundance of blessing.

Prayer for the Universel

O Thou, Who art the Maker, Moulder, and Builder of the universe, build with Thine own hands the Universel, our Temple for Thy divine Message of Love, Harmony, and Beauty.




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