Photos of Pir Vilayat

  • Pir Vilayat's Obituary (he passed away on June 17, 2004).
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PVK-as-young-man.jpg (14538 bytes)

As a young man
(from Aarifa Miller)

Photo of Pir Vilayat circa 1976

circa 1976

PVK-Alps-1976-1.jpg (14814 bytes)

Camp des Aigles, 1976
(from Tajalli Geary)

PVK-Alps-1976-4.jpg (18739 bytes)

Camp des Aigles, 1976
(from Tajalli Geary)

pir_1983.jpg (13439 bytes)

about 1983
(Lance Diskan)

Pir--1981-1.jpg (26878 bytes)

India, 1981
(from Khusrau)

Pir--1981-2.jpg (15754 bytes)

India, 1981
(from Khusrau)

Pir--1981-Baba-3.jpg (17196 bytes)

India, 1981
with Baba Sita Ram 
Das Onkarnath

(from Khusrau)

pir-suresnes-1996.jpg (33287 bytes)

Suresnes 1996
(from Akbar Helweg)




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