Aziza Scott's Schedule


Aziza's Schedule in Acrobat format

Aziza Scott’s Schedule
(as of April 6, 2017)

Note: Unless specified, all of these events are retreats.

For details regarding these events, please send an email to the contact person or to Aziza
Aziza Scott, P.O. Box 298, Middlefield, MA 01243; phone; 413-623-5987; azizascott at aol-dot-com
Dates Place Contact Name Contact Email
Dec. 30 — Jan 1 New Lebanon, NY The Abode 518-794-8095
programs AT theabode DOT org
January 7 – 8 Sarasota, FL Rising Tide 941-926-3398
RTIseminars AT comcast DOT net
February 17 – 20   Racine, WI Vakil and Kashfinur 847-746-7901
Kashfinur AT aol DOT com
March 2 – 5 Lafayette, LA Adrianne Drolma LaBry Smith 337-739-2597
adrianne.smith22 AT gmail DOT com
  18 – 19 Tuscon, AZ Amira Kardish Kardish1 AT Comcast DOT net
April 28 – 30 Copenhagen, Denmark Inger Mundt Inger AT Mundt DOT dk
May 13  Sharon, MA Khabira and Aqil Brown SufiOrder AT gardenlight DOT org
June 1 – 5 Rennes, France Asatar contact AT philippeleray-sculpteur DOT com
  10 – 11 Vienna, Austria Franz Krejs Franz.Krejs AT aon DOT at
June 28 — July 3 New Lebanon, NY Season of the Rose, Inayati Order 518-794-7834
secretariat AT inayatiorder DOT org



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